Digital Transformation can reach your business at no cost – See how!

Digital Transformation can reach your business at no cost – See how!

Training Programme – “SME2020” Consulting


ACIF-CCIM offers companies the opportunity to help them manage information technology projects, from defining the requirements to digital transformation processes and implementation in the company, at no cost.


Through a training/consultation programme which will last 300 hours per company, with the following distribution:

• 120 hours of training

• 180 hours of consulting

Recipients shall meet the following requirements:

• Being SMEs – for the purpose of proving SME status, companies must obtain or update the corresponding electronic certification provided for in Regional Law (Decreto Legislativo regional nº 37/2008 de 20 de agosto)

• Availability of accounts organised in accordance with applicable legislation (last IRC Statement)

• Finding regularly constituted (Company Social Pact, Single Report – Annex A – Staff Framework)

• Headquartered in NUT II of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

• Regularised situation at the Tax Administration and Social Security

• To comply with the Minimum Aid Rules of aid granted: May not exceed EUR 200.000 over a period of three financial years

• Guarantee delivery of the pre-accession agreement/Application and mandatory documentation

SMEs interested in benefiting from this program must fill out the application form below, the reasons why they apply and sending the documentation proving the requirements mail to:

Application Card

The selection of companies will take into account compliance with the above requirements, the motivation of the company, as well as the selection interview.

This project is financed by the European Social Fund through the Madeira Operational Programme 14-20 and aims at 20 participants.

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