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The Madeira Digital Innovation HUB mission is to support the digital transformation process of the Madeira Island companies through a multi actor cooperation network.


This initiative is coordinated by ACCIF-CCIM – Industrial and Commercial Association of Funchal – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira, which is a private and non-profit multisectoral Association, founded in 1836. ACCIF-CCIM has about 800 associated companies, from all sectors (commerce, industry, services and tourism) most of which are SME and is responsible for developing a variety of activities, in particular a wide range of business services, including information and support for businesses, vocational training, company missions, fairs, conferences, events, representation and defense of the interests of its members.

This multi actor network have complementary expertise offering solutions to companies namely:

  • Identifying business opportunities and support their implementation
  • Access to investors and financial institutions
  • Brokerage between companies and technological solutions suppliers
  • Knowledge and technology transfer from competence centres, R&D projects and solutions from other DIHs
  • Support job placements
  • Providing training on digital skills





The Shareen project aims to identify and categorise the shared economy platforms, to promote the exchange of experience and to support European SMEs, social enterprises...


The SMILE project aims to test different innovative, technological and non-technological solutions in 3 European islands (Madeira, Orkneys in Scotland and Samsø in Denmark)...

Feeling Madeira

Feeling Madeira is a mobile application available on three platforms: Website, Android and iOs (iPhone and iPad), developed to support small businesses...

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